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How does the blacklisting process look like?

1. Report

Any community member can report an NFT collection that potentially violates the Code of Conduct by calling the report-action on the Smart Contract. This can be done directly via the explorer interface or via some independent UI, e.g. the interface of an NFT marketplace that utilizes NFT Watch DAO.

2. Guard Review

One of the Guards will perform a check on the reported NFT collection:

  • If the NFT collection clearly violates the Code of Conduct (e.g. copy/paste scheme), Guards will confirm to put the NFT collection on the blacklist as soon as possible.
  • If the NFT collection is assumed to be violating the terms, the Guards will try to reach out to the creator or the team behind an NFT collection before taking a decision. This applies for NFT collections where IP issues or other controversal grey area issues are assumed.
  • If no violation is detected, the report will be rejected by and no action will be taken.

Learn more about potential scams in the FAQ.

3. Blacklisting / Rejection

  • In case of blacklisting, a new entry will be added to the blacklist-table and the contract will log this action.
  • In case of rejection, the report will be deleted and the rejection will only be logged by the contract.