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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a token for NFT Watch DAO?

NO, please be cautious of imposters!

Will there be a token for NFT Watch DAO in the future?

NFT Watch DAO established a governance model where no token is required. Currently, there are no plans to introduce a token.

What is the difference between copy paste scams and knock-off assumptions? Why are they treated differently? How does NFT Watch DAO make the determination?

Copy/paste scams are clear blatant rip-offs of other images or NFT collections that have little to no changes.

Assumed knock-offs are generally very close to the original source material but are altered to fool investors into thinking it is genuine. NFT Watch DAO check lines, shading, angles and pixel alignment to determine whether or not a project has been ripped off opposed to a knock-off.

As most knock-off NFT collections are assumed without direct concrete proof, the Guards will try to contact the creator and clarify the case before taking any action. For rip-off scams, the Guards will make immediate determination and put the NFT collection on the blacklist.

Can the shield be removed from an NFT collection?

When members in the community raise their concerns about a specific NFT collection mentioning that it violates the Code of Conduct, the Guards will try to contact the creator or the lead of the team behind the NFT collection and remedy the situation. If the issue is not fixed, the Guards can remove the shield from an NFT collection.

How does NFT Watch DAO treat wash trading & “rug pulls”?

These kinds of activities are out of the scope of the NFT Watch DAO initiative!

There is no clear definition of the term “rug pull” which means it’s a subjective opinion of every individual. Based on our experience, so-called “rug pulls” are an emotional and controversial topic.

We believe that every NFT marketplace should handle such topics individually based on their own rules.

How can 3rd parties fetch information about shielded and blacklisted NFT collections?

All shieldings and blacklistings of NFT collections are stored on-chain in the following tables of nftwatchdao contract:

Anybody is invited and encouraged to consume the contract information and apply NFT Watch DAO decision in their own apps.

What is the relationship of NFT Watch DAO to Soon.Market?

The NFT Watch DAO initiative exists longer than Soon.Market and aims to be 100% independent of any marketplace.

The team behind Soon.Market helped NFT Watch DAO with setting up the right process and implementing a solution which is now 100% decentralized and governed by the NFT Watch DAO.

How can I become a Guard?

Join the discussion on Telegram, build trust among the community and reach out to existing Guards while stating your interest.