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  • NFT Watch DAO is an independent community initiative not affiliated with a specific platform. All resources are for informational purposes only and each marketplace can decide to consume the information about shielded and blacklisted NFT collections or not.
  • NFT Watch DAO is not responsible for any claims regarding the legitimacy of NFT collections and/or artists.
  • NFT Watch DAO is not an insurer and does not indemnify for losses caused by the purchase of NFTs which are counterfeit or not genuine.
  • NFT Watch DAO will not request a license proof of generative art creators that use different AI tools for now. This is a controversal topic because creators using AI tools often want to hide their prompts from the public and delete the jobs after generating the art.
  • NFT Watch DAO primarily focuses on definite scams as well as copyright infringements. Wash trading scams and wallet chasing will be handled by the support team of the marketplace you are using. Please relay your questions and concerns about this matter to the respective marketplace.