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Code of Conduct


  • Copyrighted materials must NOT be reproduced without written consent from the original author.
  • If NFTs in a collection contain the following types of media it must be explicitly stated in the collection description:
    • AI generated media
    • Public Domain media
  • NFT Collections must NOT be launched on multiple blockchains if they use identical NFTs.
  • All NFT collections must be reasonably respectful. This includes, but is not limited to; explicit pornography, illegal activities, implied threats, racist themes, or any other overtly offensive materials.
  • Phishing schemes are strictly prohibited.

How to detect violations?

  • Use image scans, such as Google Lens and aiRight to scan the NFTs and its traits.
  • Identify red flags on social media, such as new accounts, suspicious activity, etc.
  • Be vigilant of stolen material when browsing other blockchains and NFT markets.

Violation detected?

If an NFT collection violates this Code of Conduct, every community member is encouraged to report the NFT collection and provide adequate evidence.